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Sometimes the best quotes are the shortest ones.  I once had a program director tell me “If you  can say it in 25 words, you can say it in 8 words, and it will probably be more effective.”  Something to think about!  :)

“Know or listen to those who know.”

Baltasar Gracian

(Okay, so that quote was SEVEN words.  My program director would say, “Even better!”)

94.7 The WAVE

“The dog that trots about finds a bone.”

– Golda Meir

This is a little bit funny, but oh so right on the mark.  If you don’t trot about, you will for sure find no bones.  Bones don’t come to you…so keep auditioning, keep sending out that resume, go to networking parties, and just keep trotting about the planet with an open mind.  And you, my friend, will find all the bones you wish for.


94.7 The WAVE

She is beloved. And for more than her dancing. She makes us think outside the box, and then makes us laugh about it.  And gets Usher to tell us just why he puts his leg up like that when he sits in chair.  “Is there just not enough room in that chair for you?” asks Ellen.

Thus, she gets the quote of the day, and it’s another gem:

“Do we have to know who’s gay and who’s straight?  Can’t we just judge everyone by the car they drive?”

:)    I know you’re smiling now.

Have a great day!

94.7 The WAVE