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“Deborah is quite simply, amazing. She has a contagious way about her that both captivates and inspires. She is one of the rare on-air talent that is always thinking about her listeners and sponsors. She lights up a room with her energy and enthusiasm. Super smart, saavy and simply fantastic!”

Wendi Caplan-Carroll, Marketing Director, Salesperson, WRKS
worked with Deborah at Emmis Communications

Oct 05

Fred Missman



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“As Director of Creative Services at Movin’ 93-9 Radio, KMVN in Los Angeles, I had the good fortune to connect with Deborah on those regular occasions when she would use our L.A. studios to feed her show in New York. I was awed at how she sounded when I heard her, and arranged to contract her for voice work on various commercial projects I worked on. Deborah is, quite simply, probably the best voice talent I’ve ever worked with. She could make the most mundane client sound like a million bucks, and her voice stood out on our station head and shoulders as top national quality talent. We had regular requests for her work, and in each session Deborah gave her best with eagerness and joy. She made working together such a pleasure. (Her sense of humor operates on many levels!) On those days When I needed her on projects and she was in New York to do her show on site there, her turnaround time was remarkable. She would send multiple takes, cuts and approaches – and wait to hear back from me to be sure that I got exactly what I wanted, before she was satisfied that the project was complete. Deborah consistently gave my commercial projects the sound of the best agency quality product. I have been truly blessed – (and spoiled!) – to have had the opportunity to work with Deborah. She has my unqualified endorsement, recommendation and praise. Class, quality and unparalleled professionalism.. delivered with a stellar attitude. That’s Deborah!”

Fred Missman, Director of Creative Services, KMVN – Movin’ 93-9 Radio
worked with Deborah at Emmis Communications/KISS-FM