What people are saying

Paul Goldstein, CBS Radio/ 94.7 The Wave

Few voiceover artists have the kind of incredibly appealing and unique voice as Deborah. Her warm, sophisticated yet down to earth style draws listeners in. She’s so easy to work with, very directable and an overall a joy to work with… Deborah is a true asset to the sound of The WAVE in Los Angeles!

Nancy Lang Adamson, Right Management

Deborah is inventive and masterful when it comes to connecting people who could support each other in their business endeavors. She is unfailingly helpful whenever I reach out to her on behalf of my clients who may have an interest in broadcasting or voice over work. She is generous with her time, knowledge and contacts, and I value her as a professional resource and business partner.

Rick Allen, Voice Over Client

She can use her voice to create whatever reality your script demands. After directing thousands of voice-over sessions over the past 30 years, I have a short list of talent that make every session a pleasure. Deborah is on that list. She takes direction with a smile and nails it in one or two takes. Let her audition and her talent will prove the rest.

Connie Frances Avila, CD101.9/WQCD FM

Deborah sets the standard for the kind of on-air talent everyone wants to work with. Always delivering beyond expectations, as well as providing clients and sponsors with a polished and engaging presentation that communicates their brand perfectly. Deborah is a pro all the way.

Blake Lawrence, WQCD/New York

Deborah is an energetic and natural-sounding voice actor and air personality who magically bonds with her listeners on the air and in person. Working with her is always a pleasure. I would hire her in an instant!

Amy McLane, On Air Talent Emmis Communications

I consider Deborah to be one of the CLASSIEST, positive, uplifting and encouraging women I know and definitely a female broadcaster at the top of her game. I can truly say that anyone who calls on Deborah to work as an On Air Talent or Voiceover Artist is really getting one of the very best our industry has to offer!

Jerryl Bell, Emmis Communications

Deborah is the most talented, considerate, pleasant and funny person with which I’ve ever had the pleasure of working. She’s always on the ball, very professional and a lot of fun to work with... Very organized and efficient, she can put her segments together on the fly. To me, she’s the queen of adlib.

Jym Fahey, Voice Over Client

Deborah has a great voice and does excellent work, supervised or unsupervised. She has the ability to understand what is written and give great choice of readings. We like her!
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

Debby DeLuca, Sirius Satellite Radio

I don’t even know where to begin; Deborah is the BEST to work with. She is a true professional! Deborah’s voice talents are truly amazing, she can go from Hip-Hop, to Dance, to Top 40, to a Lite format, in the blink of an eye. She is an amazing talent... I always recommend Deborah.

Wendi Caplan-Carroll, Salesperson WRKS

Deborah is quite simply, amazing. She has a contagious way about her that both captivates and inspires. She is one of the rare on-air talent that is always thinking about her listeners and sponsors. She lights up a room with her energy and enthusiasm. Super smart, saavy and simply fantastic!