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Laura Entre Nous

Jan 08

Saint Lucia

Les Chaudieres (TTT Property #T016) January, 2008 – Anse Galet, Saint Lucia Just back from one of the best trips ever, with one of my best friends, ever. I’ve known Hilton Purvis since 8th grade and it was high time we had a girl getaway. Hilton’s only parameters were that she wanted to bake on

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Pacific Palisades (TTT Property #T943) July 20, 2007 – Pacific Palisades, California Embarking from our car, my friends Margo and Lee Ann and I took our first gander at our weekend digs… a handsome mid-century home that we somehow thought looked familiar….hmmmm….this bears investigation! Pacific Palisades, California, Property #T943 (Upon speaking with the owner, we were

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