The Space Shuttle Endeavor is on my mind and boosting my spirits and the spirits of countless others around the world today. What a majestic marvel she is! Breathtaking as she flew past the Golden Gate Bridge, The Hollywood sign, downtown L.A. and over the Santa Monica Pier where some lucky folks perched atop the solar ferris wheel waved to her just hundreds of feet below her wings. A stunning display of magnificence and pride that we’ll all remember in California and beyond for decades to come.

It was a perfect, but bittersweet landing at LAX because this will be the last time the Endeavor is moving. And she was built to move, and truly, with a tune up and a bit of spit and polish, she’d be good to go for many new space missions. But her 25 missions are behind her—and we were lucky to witness her 26th mission today with her proud flight across Northern and Southern California to say farewell to space and hello to her new duties on the terra firma.

Can’t wait for her to travel the streets of Los Angeles in October and for her ribbon-cutting at her new home in the California Science Center, where she’ll continue to inspire new generations of those who admire the efforts of mankind to go beyond our current limits and break through to the next… Endeavor.

Rest well, and thanks to the thousands of people who made today’s flight possible; from those who bolted the space shuttle together back in the 80’s to those who captained her on her many missions to those who cleared Runway 22 for her historic landing today at LAX. Truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience I’m so happy we could share together on this final day of the summer of 2012.

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