We’re gearing up for another exciting night of live music at the Hyatt Regency Newport Beach Summer Concert Series featuring talented performers Peter White, David Benoit and Spencer Day this Friday, July 12th.

The man of the night, guitarist Peter White stopped by The WAVE studios to talk with No Stress Express host Deborah Howell about taking the stage this week and give a few details on some upcoming projects and new music coming soon.

Like many artists who’ve played at the Hyatt Newport Beach’s outdoor amphitheater, Peter says it’s one of his favorite venues to perform at because of the intimacy it brings with the audience. The close seating and lighting really allows the audience to become part of the performance, which is everything to artists like Peter.

“[The audience] is a major part of the performance, because we play for the audience,” said Peter. “If you’re not there, we’re not going to play. So as long as you come, we will put on the best show that we can.”

To Peter, performing for a live audience is a way to connect with his fans over the shared love of music and not about putting the focus on himself.

“The show is never really about me,” he said. “It’s about the music, it’s about the audience…I felt that we’re here to enjoy being together and listening to music that we like.”

Throughout his over four decade career, Peter has gone from session player for a wide range of artists to becoming the leading man of his own solo career. With new projects on the way that includes a re-imagined recording of old favorites to a release of brand new material, Peter says he has many more years of recordings in his future.

“Have you found any musician that talks about retiring? No, they just keep going out there and doing it, so it’s what we do. It’s what keeps us alive and vigorous,” he said.

Be part of the show this Friday at the Hyatt Regency Newport Beach to catch Peter along with David Benoit and Spencer Day on stage for the Summer Concert Series. For tickets and more information, visit www.series.hyattconcerts.com.

Listen to our complete interview with Peter in the segments below:

Part one: Peter talks about his favorite places to play live and performing at the Hyatt this week.

Part two: Peter talks about new projects and collaborations, including reinventing his classic releases for a new millennium and a completely new album out next year.

Part three: Peter talks about the beginning of his career and artists he’s played with over the years.

Part four: Peter talks about transitioning from being a member of the band to the leader of the band in live shows.

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