Last night was breathtaking.  We assembled on the beach in Malibu in our beach chairs and on blankets for the annual 4th of July picnic/extravaganza. The more adventurous donned wet suits and paddled out to sea on their surfboards and in kayaks as the barge belonging to Rick Caruso, owner of The Grove, positioned itself for the big show.

We had to wait for the fireworks at nearby Paradise Cove to finish before beginning, and believe me, it was worth the wait! While little kids teased and chased the waves, we grownups caught up with each other and passed around barbecue and libations. Kids wrote their names and made patterns with sparklers under the stars. It was as Norman Rockwell as Malibu ever gets.

Then, around 9:30, the REAL show began.  Stunning fireworks of every stripe turned night into day and black skies to searing orange…and the barge was so close we felt as though the fireworks would rain straight down upon our heads! So, so incredible.  The oohing and ahhhing just added to the utterly special atmosphere, and when the surf started rolling in closer and closer to our blankets, we found ourselves scampering to safety.

Couples kissed under the sparkling skies, and once again, we all remarked that nature–along with a little help from Chinese fireworks creators–is the best artist of all.

I hope you had a wonderful and safe Fourth of July–which is one of the finest traditions we have in the U.S.!

Please share your experiences with us here–we’d love to hear how you spent your day of Independence.

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