I recently signed up at www.rdio.com and have completely and utterly fallen in love with music all over again.  With each new track I discover and with each cherished jam from the past I re-discover, my happiness quotient soars!

Without even batting an eye, I came up with 16 unique playlists to listen to for different moods and occasions, and I can think of dozens more I want to create.  The best part is…..no downloading!  Just sign up for free and start listening to over 18 million songs…instantly.

On your smart phone, on your iPad, on your computer.  It’s genius, and I know you’ll love it. It’s a complete no-brainer for anyone who loves and lives for music.

Give it a try, and let’s follow each other and collaborate on some new playlists!  WAVE listeners have the best musical taste in town, so let’s share and share alike and all get happy again together, with music–the natural high–and the gift that keeps on giving.

See you there!  www.rdio.com

94.7 The WAVE

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