Today’s baseball players make a kajillion bucks a season.  But did you know that back in the day even the “greats” had to work full-time jobs in the off-season in order to make ends meet?

Yup, Yogi Berra was a host in a restaurant when he wasn’t clobbering grand slams into the bleacher seats during baseball season.  And he welcomed customers to that small restaurant in St. Louis with a sincere smile on his face, a hearty handshake– and did it without a trace of embarrassment or hidden hostility because he had to work during the off-season.

Something to think about when you’re feeling put upon to do something “extra” at work or at home.  :)

He was also the king of the malapropism, and here’s one of my fave Yogi quotes:

“A nickel ain’t worth a dime anymore.” 

–Yogi Berra

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